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Our immense love of food and cooking is reflected in the broad range of dishes. The cuisine is a taste adventure which will comprise of any of the following combinations. Combinations will also be determined by the chosen theme of the evening and the availability of ingredients.


Crayfish and Orange Soup
Made from fresh crayfish, garlic, parsley, mussels from the West Coast

Spring Vegetable Soup
Made from lean smoked ham, broad beans, fresh peas, garlic, basil and onion served with fresh country health bread

Oysters wrapped in smoked salmon
Garnished with tomato, freshly snipped chives and herbs from the garden

Pancakes with Mangoes
Golden brown pancakes filled with large fragrant mangoes and flamed with Grand Marnier Wine

Orange Segments in Spiced Red Wine Sauce
Sprinkled with golden coconut shavings and served in chilled glass

Pastry cases filled with snails in a delicious cheese sauce straight from the West Coast


Stuffed Duck's Neck
Stuffed with golden brown chicken livers, garlic, thyme, lean pork, foie gras, pepper, and served with crispy garden vegetables in olive oil

Calf's Tongue with Caper Sauce
Simmered for hours to perfection and served with freshly made caper sauce

Chicken filled with garden vegetables
Served with red peppers, herbs and basil rice this extraordinary chicken dish will entice your taste buds as it is filled with fresh garden vegetables like onions, carrots, leeks, mushrooms and cream.

Salad of langoustines, haricot beans, smoked duck breast and truffles
An attractive exotic dish perfect for the taste buds as it combines the tastes of the sea and the land

Salmon Fillets cooked with champagne
Experience this delicious taste, as cooking with champagne is an art not mastered by all

Aubergine with Roquefort Cheese and fresh prawns from the West Coast
King Prawns cooked in Roquefort cream and fresh herbs, served with fresh strings of basil and rice

Stir-fried Squid from the West Coast
Stir-fried with fresh garden vegetables, served with a rich sauce made of sherry and spring onion

Country casserole with mealies, typical South African
Served with braised pumpkin or butternut, a vegetable dish made from only the crispiest South African fresh vegetables


Hazelnut Cake
Sprinkled with fresh chopped hazelnuts and made from brown sugar

Vanilla Bavarois with fresh strawberries
A delicious sponge cake garnished with halved strawberries and fresh cream

Summer Christmas Pudding
Served with whipped cream and glace cherries, with more than a dash of brandy

Spicy Pears in Red Wine
Served with fresh cream and cinnamon

Served with rosettes of cream

Lemon Meringue
So sweet, simply irresistible! Rounded off with fresh South African nuts.

Old fashioned South African Bread and Butter Pudding
Made from fresh apricots or strawberry jam, cinnamon, raisins and bread, this is a dish so extraordinary that you will have to ask for the recipe

Pumpkin Pie
Made from fresh cooked pumpkin, ginger, nutmeg and served with cream

Chicken and vegetable kebabs
Served with a cold piquant sauce of your choice.

Melon Fruit Basket
Made from fresh nectarines, pears, peaches, spanspek melons, litchis, mandarin and grapes rounded off by a touch of gin or brandy

A range of freshly made cookies, like coconut chocolate clusters, ginger shortbread, cinnamon cookies and spicy sherry biscuits.

More delicious treats!
A spread of famous South African cheeses and breads, poached Salmon and asparagus served on fresh spring rolls, Salmon and Wild Mushroom Pie, Aubergine Salad with Goat's Cheese and Smoked Mussels from the West Coast, A Range of Yoghurts famous in South Africa, Banana fritters, Spiced Apple Cake, Apple Crumble and much much more!


A typical picnic basket would consist of the following

A well known South African wine to complement any dish
Fruit Juices and Mineral Water
A selection of cold meats, served with a spread of salty biscuits
Lamb / ostrich / chicken kebabs, delicious cold, combined with olive, bacon, tomatoes and red peppers
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