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Seal Island

See thousands of Cape Fur
Seals in one place!

Seal Island

Join us as we take you on a Boat Trip to visit the Cape Fur Seals on Dyker Island.

Seal Island Boat Trip

Just a short boat ride out of Hout Bay on the other side of the spectacular Sentinel mountain cliff lies Dyker Island. This is one of the Cape's fur seal colonies. Watch as the seals sun themselves on the rocks, float lazily among the waves waiving their flippers or chase each other playfully through the kelp.




Enjoy The Relaxing Boat Ride

Seal Island

The cape fur seal has a large broad head and a pointed snout. Males are brown to dark gray with a darker mane and a light underside. They grow up to 2.2m (7ft) and weigh around 200-360 kg (440-800lb). Females are gray to light brown with a dark underside and light throat. They grow up to 1.7m (5ft) and weigh on average 120kg (260lbs). Pups are black at birth but turn gray with a pale throat after molting. Although cape fur seals normally travel alone, large group of theses seals can be seen rafting in kelp beds. Pregnant females will stay 7 weeks away from the land before

Seal Island


Cape fur seals breed in mid-October. Unlike many eared seal species, females are free to choose their mate and he is judged based on the value of his territory. Both males and females fight for territory with individuals of the same sex. Females have smaller territories and a male's territory may overlap that of several females.


A harem Pups are usually born between late November and early December. After they are born the females start to mate with their harem leaders. The female spends the next several months foraging at sea and nursing her pup, who is weaned at four months old. The pups begin swimming at an early age and the time they spend in the water increases as the pup learns more. By seven months the pup can already swim for two to three days at a time.

Seal Island

 The Cape fur seal's main predator is the great white shark. In False Bay, the seals employ a number of anti-predatory strategies

  • Swimming in large groups
  • Low porpoising; to increase sub-surface vigilance
  • When a shark attacks a group, the seals will dart in different directions to cause confusion.
  • When being chased by a shark, a seal will ride near the dorsal fin to keep out of reach of the shark's jaws

They are inquisitive and friendly animal when in the water and will often accompany the boat. They will swim around within meters of the boat enabling you to capture photographs of them in the water and on the island.

Seal Island
Seal Island


Rate: R 600.00 per person as a stand-alone tour.
R 350.00 per person as add-on to a tour to Cape Point or the Constantia Wine Route
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