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FIFA 2010 World Cup
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2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup Magic - Presented to You as a Magical Package Tour Comprising of Accommodation, Day Tours and Soccer

FIFA 2010 World Cup Soccer

World Cup 2010

Cut out the guess work and trust the experience of your hosts at Sea More-Express that have done a lot of research and also identified all of the elements (good and bad) that visitors to the Mother City will have to consider during the time period of the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Our Rates are not openly published as many guest houses and tour operators copy our splendid offerings . . .

Send us your accommodation requirements, budget and interest in activities in and around Cape Town.
We are willing to look at beating other quotations you might have received from other establishments.

Therefore book today to avoid disappointment as we already experience an  amazing interest and secured bookings.

The charm of natural surroundings and the warmth of the people make Cape Town a great destination to visit and a wonderful place to host world class events. Cape Town events have massive appeal, attracting people from all over South Africa and around the world.

Green Point Stadium

The newly built Green Point stadium is ideally situated, close to Cape Town's city centre. South African soccer has a very strong following and attracts the largest number of spectators in the country.

Green Point Stadium

The entire country is very excited about the 2010 Soccer World Cup which will showcase its amazing natural beauty and abundance of attractions, enabling visitors to see what a truly amazing part of the world this is

Jabulani means "celebrate" in Zulu.

The Adidas Jabulani is the official match ball for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The ball was unveiled in Cape Town, South Africa on December 4, 2009.

The ball was also used as the match ball of 2009 FIFA Club World Cup in the United Arab Emirates.


 The ball is constructed using a new design consisting of eight spherically-moulded components, with four triangular design elements on a white background. Eleven different colours are used, representing the 11 players in a football team and the 11 official languages of South Africa

Actress Charlize Theron holds the official match ball "Jabulani" during the 2010 World Cup draw in Cape Town, South Africa.
Please Note:

Any information on this site about sporting events in South Africa is supplied as an informational service only. Your Sea More-Express Team and Hosts provide information about major events to a broad audience and has no ties to any sporting organisations. For the latest, up to the minute news on the 2010 World Cup preparations we recommend this site: South Africa 2010 Official Site.

Our Rates are not openly published as many guest houses and tour operators copy our splendid offerings . . .

Therefore book today to avoid disappointment as we already experience an amazing interest and secured bookings.

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FIFA Soccer World Cup

  • Cape Town Sea More-Express and Guest House is prepared to assist with last minute arrangements where we can, but strongly advise that you take the above points seriously.

  • Any changes to a pre-booked travel itinerary will be close to impossible and very expensive, so plan and book trips early and check the final detail carefully.

  • Shop around for air travel or request organised travel by tour operators and reimburse the cost incurred.

  • Corporates should investigate when and where games are scheduled.  Book flights at times when games are being played (13:30, 16:00 and 20:30).  Attendees to the matches will have to book way in advance else they will not be able to attend the matches in time.

  • Be prepared for possible severe delays (up to three hours).  No Tour-Operator or Shuttle Company can avoid this, but private travel by hiring a car will be ian mpossible mission to undertake as only Tour Operators will have access to certain routes. 

  • Fly in and out on the same day to avoid accommodation costs.

  • Use shuttle services instead of car rental where possible – transfer companies will be busy transporting tourists and will be very expensive, therefore book early, months in advance else you will not be able to afford their services.

  • Don’t plan to park at the airport – arrange for a drop off and collection, all possible through Sea More-Express Guest House and Tours.

  • Airport Transfers should be arranged timeously if you reside at Sea More-Express Guest House or any other hotels or guest houses at incredible budget rates and with special emphasis on your security.

  • Transfers to and from your World Cup Matches through a shuttle service at budget additional rates can be arranged by Sea More-Express Guest House and Tours, not possible to negotiate on your own at the same rate as we arrange it timeously through our shuttle providers that have permits to transport tourists during the time period of the FIFA World Cup.  Please note there will be many illegal tour operators offering services.
  • FIFI 2010 Soccer World Cup

  • Five Star Accommodation at Budget Rates at Sea More-Express Guest House or other hotels or Guest Houses affiliated with us or alternatively BackPacker Accommodation for the real tight budget or economical traveller.

  • Your Choice of Cosmopolitan or Healthy African Breakfast or none at all should you want to save money

  • Evening entertainment if required or the flexibility to party completely on your own (and safely) during this exciting time in   Cape Town.

  • Day Tours of your Choice. Entrance fees are not included and are for your own expense and differs on all tourist locations and is limited to availability.

    However, as we have preferential availability at the reserves and tourism locations, we will ensure you ssee most if not all of the prime destinations (unless otherwise stated under exclusions or if Cape Town Tourism has last minute limitations imposed for ecotourism and the major nature reserves needs to be protected against masses of poeple that might damage our natural heritage if not properly planned)
  • To view our Accommodation on offer, visit our Guest House Page and you will be overwhelmed by the options available for your stay. Please note the Rates are different for the time period of 11 June to 11 July 2010, but our rates are significantly lower than most, contact us today for a quotation and specify all your requirements. 



    Beat the crowds and book for the magic of the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010 be guaranteed of an unbeatable holiday package at budget rates! To take advantage of this special offer see our Reservations, Contact us Page or e-mail directly.


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