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Cape Town, South Africa .  . It's a place where old and new harmoniously converge - in history, architecture, cultural pursuits and the essence of its people.

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Wealth- vast implications, it hints at great proportions,
Where money is in plenty; and value is abundant.
Wealth conjures a picture of ample and good fortune,
With riches, perhaps cars, a big house and maidservants.

Wealth in Africa…ah, that’s a different story.
Not what a westerner perhaps would in his mind envision.
Its wealth lies in people, in culture; nature’s abundance,
Resilience, collective effort, community at its core.

A job, “We’ll employ you, but how much can you deliver?”
“Work, work, and work some more…Vacation? Maybe later.”
Family, “By God, mom, I am working again this Easter!”
For this wealth, for this life, can I afford the price?

Oh yes, I’ve seen that world; now I look back to Africa…
My continent…How often I‘ve taken your gifts for granted,
A house my father built, on his own land, with his own toil,
It will always be his, his children’s, his grandchildren’s.

Time…so highly valued and scarce in countries yonder,
Is but another good of commonplace value in these lands.
Grandfather needs a fence; the neighbor, a new roof,
I have time, I have time, my people, I have time.

Though funds are often depleted, in a sense they’re overrated.
Here green hills so fruit-laden are a harbor and a haven.
The farms, their fresh produce sure to come with every season,
Eight months of lush rain, of rich harvest and much grain.

‘Tis a night for celebration, when the talking drums start calling,
As the steady rhythm’s beating; around the fire bodies sway,
Men and women, children, elders soon throng the vast clearing,
Exchanging the day’s stories, with the full moon looking on.

Africa, land of plenty - rich soils, diverse cultures,
Strong people with open hearts, resilient to the last,
Sharing joys with each other, bearing sorrows a part of living,
Yes, wealth not in silver, but in shared humanity.

Jacky Ambe Ashu



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